Deferred MBA
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Take command of your career.

Deferred MBA has evolved to include all students graduating from a US school. Students apply and receive an admission during their senior year; if admitted, they venture into the workplace to gain two full years of substantive* professional experience before entering Smith’s highly regarded full-time MBA program.

*Qualified candidates may extend their professional work beyond two years, as deemed necessary and at the discretion of the admissions committee.

Make your next fearless move and fast-track your career.

  1. Take the GMAT soon while everything you’ve learned is top-of-mind.
  2. Apply and gain admission to Smith’s deferred MBA program.
  3. Get at least two years of professional experience, knowing that we’ve already saved you a seat in the full-time MBA program.
  4. Come back to start Smith’s top-ranked full-time MBA, expand your network and turbocharge your career.


Who Qualifies?

College seniors who are graduating from an institution in the United States and demonstrate personal drive and determination, strong academics and interpersonal skills. Students who are interested in pursuing professional careers in any industry that places a premium on leadership and management skills are especially encouraged to apply.

What is expected of me during my two years of professional experience?

Smith admitted applicants should remain engaged with the Smith community and admissions team. This may include attending select events and participating in various activities while gaining professional experience.

Updated Résumés
Admitted applicants should submit an updated résumé to the admissions team every six months.


Application Deadlines

Priority applications
July 1 of a senior’s graduation year.

Rolling admissions deadline
Applications will be accepted until September 1 of that same year.


Terp Grads Get Exclusive Perks

  • $10,000 Double Terp Scholarship eligibility
  • Application fee waiver opportunity
  • Priority consideration for merit-based scholarships



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